CalFresh antibacterial sheet/freshness preservation bag

Calfresh is a film containing antibacterial ingredients derived from scallop shells. Its antibacterial effect suppresses the growth of bacteria, and its use in bento sheets, vegetable packaging, etc. helps reduce food waste. It also has deodorizing properties and anti-fog properties.


 Calcined scallop shell powder (calcium hydroxide) is strongly alkaline and porous, and it [inactivates] bacteria, viruses, and odor components, and has antibacterial and disinfectant properties. When the film surface gets wet with moisture from fruits and vegetables, it comes into contact with the fine powder of scallop shells on the film surface, which makes the film surface alkaline and inactivates bacteria.




7th day

7th day

seat type

 CalFresh antibacterial sheet can be placed on top of lunch boxes, side dishes, and other foods, and can be used to wrap vegetables and other fruits and vegetables, as well as for salads and fruits.

Calfresh antibacterial sheet (plain)

Product numberThicknessSize (mm)Number of packagesAntibacterial effect
CLM-1#30150×150500piecesOne side
CLM-2#30180×180500piecesOne side
CLM-3#30200×200500piecesOne side

※The effective side is rough, and the non-effect side is smooth and smooth.

Calfresh antibacterial sheet (single-sided printing)

Product numberThicknessSize (mm)Number of packagesAntibacterial effect
CLP-1#30150×150100piecesOne side
CLP-2#30180×180100piecesOne side
CLP-3#30200×200100piecesOne side

※When the side where the printed characters can be read correctly is the front side, the back side is the effective side. There is some roughness to the effect.

Calfresh antibacterial sheet (laminate)

Product numberThicknessSize (mm)Number of packagesAntibacterial effect
CLL-1#30/#30150×150100piecesboth sides
CLL-2#30/#30180×180100枚piecesboth sides
CLL-3#30/#30200×200100piecesboth sides

bag type

 CalFresh antibacterial freshness preservation bags can be used for packaging vegetables, fruits, and cut vegetables.

Calfresh OPP antibacterial freshness preservation bag (no holes)

Product numberThicknessSize (mm)Number of packagesQuantity


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